Monday, May 24, 2010

Horta, Azores

Today we are at Horta in the Azores, a small town or village, probably
most famous for its volcano. The volcano formed the island and it is no
longer active. Among other things it is a port for boats and yachts
crossing the ocean on their way to Portugal, Spain or the Mediterranean.
The photo shown is the paintings done by yachts, boats and ships the
first time that they visit Horta. As we were walking along this area
there was a man updating his painting on the wall - it looked like a new
date on the painting.

We arrived in the harbor at about noon time. After lunch we took a
tender from the ship to the town where we walked down the waterfront
quite a way to look at the Church of Sao Salvador. The church is on a
bit of a hill and the road and sidewalk are cobblestone. Also it is
necessary to wind around different streets to get to the church because
the streets from the waterfront are not straight. We took some photos
at the interior of the church that we will put on Flickr when we finish
the cruise/vacation. We also looked at a couple of parks and gardens
and then the rains came down! When we arrived in the harbor the sun
shone and it was nice although a bit cool. When the rain came down it
was windy and cold. It was miserable.

We ran back to the harbor station where the tenders from the ship was
located. Luckily one was just about to leave for the ship so we hopped
on. Back to the ship and change into dry clothes.

I almost forgot to note that there was a single special Bingo game this
morning. The prize was a cruise for two in the Caribbean. Nancy one
one of these a few years ago on our Asia/Australia cruise. This time no
luck came our way. We are still winless in Bingo but we still have two
more weeks.

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Rob B said...

Hi Patrick

Sorry your stop in Horta got rained out! It sounds like you got to see a bit of the city at least. Too bad there wasn't time to see more of the island.

I loved my visit to Faial and wrote quite a bit about it at:


Kind Regards