Saturday, May 22, 2010


I don't know what Ahab yelled when he spotted the giant whale but on
board the Prinsendam the Captain gets on the public address system
announces that a whale or whales had been spotted. This morning he
announced that whales had been spotted off the port side of the ship. I
even left my slot machine to see if I could spot a whale but this was to
no avail. However, after leaving the casino I noticed a group of people
looking out a window so I joined them and did spot a whale trailing the
ship. I went up to my cabin to see if I could take a picture but could
not see any more.

Speaking of the slot machine, I did win $5 while 'whale spotting' time.
That plus $10 winning on the roulette table last night is the total
winnings for my lovely wife and I so far. I'm sure that a big Bingo
winning will make us even. (Yeah, right!) Even with the losses it has
been a very good cruise so far.

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