Friday, May 28, 2010

Cadiz, Spain

Today we are in Cadiz on the south coast of Spain just west of
Gibraltar. This is the third time we have been in Cadiz the other two
times also part of a transatlantic cruise (once going to Europe and
another going home). After coffee and juice in our cabin (I am
reluctant to call it a suite even though Holland America calls it that)
we had breakfast on the Lido deck. Leaving the ship there was a "hop-on
hop-off" bus parked just outside the port gate. The "hop-on hop-off"
buses are very popular in European tourist towns and cities and a quick
way to see a lot of a city. As the name implies, you can hop off the
bus to see something in particular and later hop on to continue. As you
can see from the photo it is sometimes difficult to get a picture
without including a part of other bus riders. This photo is of the
gates of the old city (and the back of a guy's head). There is a
narration of what you are seeing as the bus proceeds.

Tomorrow we will be in Portimao, Portugal and then on to Lisbon where we
will stay overnight.

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Anonymous said...

Wish I were there!!! So the BINGO WIN gave you ....maybe...5% of your money back? : )
Have fun and hug my mom for me. See you in Italy, maybe if we can get on a flight. Love Roberta