Sunday, May 23, 2010

Still at Sea

This is among the activities we participate in on those days at sea.
(Shortly after this picture was taken, Nancy was sould asleep.) Among
other activities include the lecture series that Holland American has on
all their ships on cruises that a longer than two weeks. On this cruise
there is a gentlemen who was previously an historian from the National
Park Service. This week he has lectured on Atlantic cruises by St.
Brendan and Leif Ericson, and an Englishman in 1910 who murdered his
wife in London and then fled by ship to America. He was spotted by the
Captain who informed Scotland Yard by the first use of wireless
telegraphy at sea. Yesterday he talked about the Roanoke Colony and Sir
Walter Raleigh and today he talked about the talks by Churchill and
Roosevelt held in Nova Scotia aboard ship in 1941. All very interesting.

Tomorrow we will stop at our first port after a week at sea. We will be
stopping at Horta, a small town on the island of Faial, in the Azores.
I know that we had been to the Azores before on transatlantic crossings
but don't recall whether it was Horta or not. I know that we have
visited Ponta Delgada, our next port after Horta.


Anonymous said...

Alexandra and I say "GO GO BINGO!!!" And if you win another cruise we know it is because you spent the most money on Bingo and the Casino.

Bruno Rodrigues said...

We wish you have a nice stay on our islands. Fortunatelly the weather is good.

Best regards,
Azores Cruise Club