Monday, November 28, 2011

At Sea on the Atlantic

Today (Monday the 28th) we are crossing the Atlantic Ocean on our way to
Ft. Lauderdale. The last two days at sea have been very nice,
temperature in the low 70s, sunny and the seas calm. Today it appears
that that may change as it is overcast and threatens to rain. No
lounging on our balcony if that happens.

These days at sea are why we like transatlantic crossings. Nothing but
relaxing, reading, Bingo, lectures, etc. And later in the day a bit of
gambling in the casino. Nancy and I find small differences between
Celebrity Cruise Line and Holland America mostly in the service. We much
prefer Holland America.

Our table mates at dinner are a nice group: an Episcopal Priest and his
wife from Maryland; a retired nuclear power plant engineer and his wife
from Syracuse; and a retired business man and his wife from Arizona.
Some of the conversation are interesting as Nancy and I are the only
liberals. Such as life!

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