Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Today we are in Gibraltar before heading out in the Atlantic. After
breakfast we walked into the city and made our way to the cable car to
take us to the "Top of the Rock." There is a platform half way off where
you can get off, browse from the road there and see Barbary Apes that
are generally there. This time it didn't stop there but it did on the
way back down. At the top it was pleasantly cool there and the sun was
bright so it was quite nice. For this post I had a choice between a
photo of the city and harbor from on high or an ape. I picked the ape!

A couple of years ago when we were here there were quite a few apes
wandering around the platform and restaurant but today there were only a
few. On the way down the cable car stopped at the mid-point and we got
off. On the road there a dozen or so apes ran around and jumped on top
and rear view mirrors of the tour buses that stop there. One was
especially interesting. It was a mother with a very young one and the
mother was grooming the youngster by picking fleas out of the fur. While
we were there only one ape jumped on someone's shoulders.

On the was back down Main Street we stopped for a beer and coffee. (You
have to guess who had the beer and who had the coffee.) Then back to the
ship. All in all a pleasant few hours. We will leave here at about 5:00
PM or so and tomorrow we will be at sea. On Friday we will stop for the
day in Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

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