Saturday, November 19, 2011

Figueres, Spain

This morning we took the Metro to the Sants Station to take the train to Figueres, about two miles north-east of Barcelona. We wanted to got to the Dali Museum in Figueres. Purchased tickets and men never ask directions ever - I mean never - so we headed down to the platform that I knew was the correct platform for the 9:46 AM train. Boarded the train and road it to L'Hospitalet and that was as far as it went. As you probably already knew, I picked the wrong train. We turned around and took the train back to Barcelona and I asked at the information desk, "What was the train number? What platform was it on? What should it say on the front of the train (ie, the destination)? Took the correct train and got there in two hours!

 The train was packed for most of the trip, mostly school kids, so the trip was a bit noisy but not that bad. The first thing we did when we got to Figueres was to have lunch. (Keep in mind we blew quite a bit of time with or trip to L'Hospitalet and back to Barcelona Sants.)

After lunch we spent the rest of the afternoon at the Dali Museum and it was well worth the trip. In addition to Dali's paintings and papier mache works, there is one separate building for jewelry that he had done. The one thing about Dali that I had recalled was his drooping watches. Here is a piece of jewelry that he had done with the drooping watch.

Yesterday we received an email from Celebrity Cruise Line via our travel agent saying that we would not be able to check-in tomorrow until 2:00 PM and cabins will not be available until 5:30 PM (obviously we will not sail at 5:00 PM) so that they can do a thorough cleaning job as apparently there was an outbreak of Norovirus  this week. This is good and bad. The bad is the Norovirus but the good is we can spend a couple more hours in the morning in Barcelona. This is our fourth time in Barcelona and every time we have been here we have seen
Gaudí's church, Sagrada Familia (Holy Family) but have never been inside. This time we can make it.

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