Monday, November 21, 2011

Barcelona and Sagrada Familia

Yesterday was our last day in Barcelona before boarding the Celebrity
Constellation and our last chance to visit the Sagrada Familia Basilica.
We did finally make it inside and see Antoni Gaudi's masterpiece. The
basilica was begun in the late nineteen century and it is expected to
finally finish it sometime in this century. The most interesting part of
the basilica (I think) is the model shop in the basement of the
basilica. There are hundreds of models that Gaudi and his workmen design
this unique church.

The high point of the day was really the trip on the Metro back to the
hotel to get our baggage and head on to the ship. At the stop just
before our hotel a gentleman in front of me asked me in Spanish if this
stop was for Sagrada Familia (it wasn't) a couple of times and also held
out his jacket in front of himself as if to give me the jacket. At the
same time a man and woman behind me moved close and I felt something on
my left side (my wallet was in my laft front pocket) and saw the woman's
scarf along side me. I felt something and I grabbed what turned out to
be her hand. I yelled out, Hey! You son of a bitch!" This was just as
the doors of the Metro car opened. The man behind me said something
about his wife and the three of them ran out the door. My first time
that I had someone try to pick my pocket. Although they did not get my
wallet, I was pissed!

We did finally get to the hotel and then to the ship. Our luggage didn't
get to our cabin until about 8:00 PM but this was OK as our dinner was
at 9:00 PM. The ship is fine, just bigger than I really like. I guess
I'm too used to Holland American Line.

Today we are in Alicante and it is raining. We shall see what happens.

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