Saturday, November 05, 2011

Hawkins in the 1910 Federal Census in Michigan

In the 1910 Federal Census for Michigan, my great-grandmother, Sarah Weed Maloney, Hawkins, is still living in Leoni Township and (I assume) still on Hawkins Road. The Hawkins family is shown on line 37 and consists of: John Hawkins, Sarah, and two children, Harold and Alice.  In a few of the census years women were asked how many children they had had and how many were still alive. Although the printing is somewhat difficult to read, it looks like Sarah had had eight children and six were still living. I have only been aware of six; three with my great-grandfather, Francis Maloney, and three with John Hawkins. Here is the census page:
John W. Hawkins Family in 1910 Federal Census in Leoni Township. MI
Here is the other John Hawkins family also living on Hawkins Rd. (line 62)  I am not completely sure what the realtionship between this John H. Hawkins and John W. Hawkins is.  Also listed on line 76 is the McGill family, the family of my grandfather's first wife - Jennie McGill.
John H. Hawkins Family in 1910 Federal Census in Leoni Township, MI

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