Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Maloneys in the 1920 Federal Census for Rochester, NY and Jackson, MI

The 1920 Federal Census for Rochester shows my grandfather's family still at 54 Greig Street on line 70.  My grandmother, Bridget Josephine Hanley Maloney, had died in 1913 and my grandfather married Bridget's sister, Mary, in 1916. This census record has a column to add when a person immigrated but for Mary it is blank. All five of the Maloney children are included in this census: Mary, Helen, Catherine (sic), Joseph and Leo.
Fred Maloney Family in 1920 Federal Census in Rochester, NY
 Thomas Maloney, brother of my great-grandfather, Francis, is shown living at 1130 Lake Avenue in Rochester on line 47. In addition to Thomas is his wife, Katherine, and Katherine's sister, Lillian. The record lists Thomas' birthplace as Ireland but it is difficult to read the date given as when he immigrated. His wife is listed as being born in Canada.
Thomas Maloney in 1920 Federal Census in Rochester,  NY
Fred Maloney's sister, M. Frances (Aunt Frank) is listed in the 1920 census as living in the city of Jackson, MI on line 9.
M. Frances Maolney in 1920 Federal Census in Jackson, MI

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