Thursday, October 13, 2011

Eagan in the 1930 Federal Census in Rochester

In the 1930 Federal Census I have only been able to find my father, Austin, so far. It is difficult to find others because the source I use has an incomplete index. I could find more but would have to leaf through hundreds of pages in the Enumeration District I think someone may have lived in. 

In 1930 my father was living with his sister, Mary (Aunt May) Eagan O'Brien, and her family at 191 Raeburn Avenue in Rochester's 19th Ward. The family (at line 8) included Edward (Uncle Eddie), Mary (Aunt Mae), and their children Eileen and John plus my father. My Uncle Eddie's occupation is listed as accountant at "clothing factory" which I am sure was Hickey-Freeman. Hickey is still there located on North Clinton Avenue. My father's occupation is listed as meat cutter at a butcher shop. The butcher shop was Fahy's Market located on Andrew and Front Streets. 
O'Brien and Eagan in the 1930 Federal Census in Rochester

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