Saturday, October 08, 2011

Patrick Eagan in the 1900 Federal Census

In the 1900 Federal Census my great-grandparents, Patrick and Mary (Tierney) Eagan, were listed living on Atkinson St. with their daughter Sarah. No occupation is listed for my great-grandfather as he is then seventy-two years old. (He will die three years later.) The census for that year asked when an individual immigrated to the United States. Unfortunately, that year is not filled in for either Patrick or Mary. (It will be shown in the 1910 census for Mary.) The census did ask how long a person were married; Patrick and Mary were married for 48 years so they married about 1852. I have not been able to find my grandfather, Stephen, in any of the census records for that year although I do know that he and his family was living in New Haven, CT.

The census record for Patrick Eagan spans two sheet. Patrick and Mary are the last two entries on the first sheet and daughter Sarah is the first entry on the second sheet.
Patrick Eagan's family in the 1900 Federal Census (1)

Patrick Eagan's family in the 1900 Federal Census (2)

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