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Eagans in the 1920 Federal Census in Rochester, NY

In the 1920 Federal Census for Rochester, three entries show my Eagan family in Rochester. The first is for my grandmother, Elizabeth, and my father living with my Aunt Mae's family; the second is my Uncle James with his family; and the third is my grandaunt Sarah, my grandfather's sister.

The first entry is spread over two sheets. The first at the bottom shows the family of Edward J. O'Brien, my Uncle Eddy's father.  The family was living on Campbell Street in Rochester and there was (1) my Uncle Eddy's brother, George, (2) my Uncle Eddy and Aunt Mae (Edward J. and Mary), (3) my cousin Eileen (who later became Sister John Edward, a Franciscan Nun), (4) my grandmother, Elizabeth Clarke Eagan, and (5) on the second sheet, my father, Austin E. Eagan. My father's occupation is listed as an "assembler" at an "auto factory." If I could guess as to the "auto factory" I would guess the James Cunningham Co. on Canal Street. Both his father and uncle had worked at Cunningham.
Eagans and O'Briens in 1920 Federal Census in Rochester (1)
Eagans and O'Briens in 1920 Federal Census in Rochester (2)
The next entry is for my father's brother, James, and his family which in 1920 was living at the Eagan house at 85 Prospect Street. The entry at line 34 lists James, his wife Mary and a daughter Eugena. Note that Mary and Eugena were born in Kentucky. I believe that Eugena was not James' daughter as she was born about 1910 and at that time James was in Rochester. I believe that James met and married Mary when James was in Kentucky in the Army in World War I.
James Eagan Family in 1920 Federal Census in Rochester 
The final Eagan census record for Eagans in Rochester for 1920 is for my grandfather's sister, Sarah Eagan. She is found on line 83 as a "lodger" with a family named as either Hiles or Hiler on Plymouth Ave. South. Sarah was a clerk in the Rochester City Clerk's office. She died at St. Ann's Home in 1944.
Sarah Eagan in the 1920 Federal Census in Rochester.

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