Monday, October 10, 2011

Eagans in the 1910 Federal Census in Rochester, NY

The 1910 Federal Census finds my great-grandmother, Mary Tierney Eagan, at 108 Atkinson Street in Rochester and my grandmother, Elizabeth Clarke Eagan, at 85 Prospect Street. This first sheet lists my great-grandmother and my grandaunt, Sarah, at line 21. This entry notes that my great-grandmother had come to the United States in 1847. In addition, it notes that she had had 10 children but only three were alive. These three would be my grandfather, Stephen, my grandaunts, Sarah and Catherine Jane (King).
Mary Tierney Eagan in the 1910 Federal Census in Rochester 
The next sheet shows my grandmother, Elizabeth Clarke Eagan, living at 85 Prospect Street. In addition, the three children living at home were Mary (my Aunt Mae), Anne (my Aunt Nana) and my father, Austin.  The census entry notes that my grandmother had been married for 25 years and that she had had 7 children but only 4 will still alive. These 4 would be the three living at home and my Uncle James. The Rochester City Directory noted that James had gone to Cincinnati the previously year but he would be back in 1911. My grandfather was not listed in the census for 1910 although the City Directory lists him as living with his family on Prospect Street. I believe that he was working then at the James Cunningham and Sons on Canal Street. Cunningham was a manufacturer of carriages and automobiles.
Elizabeth Clarke Eagan in the 1910 Federal Census in Rochester

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