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Maloneys in the 1910 Federal Census for Rochester, NY and Jackson, MI

In the 1910 Federal Census for Rochester, New York, Maloneys related to me are found in three different census sheets and one for the Census for Jackson, Michigan. These are: (1) the family of my grandfather, Frederick, (2) the family of my great-granduncle, Michael, and (3) the family of my great-granduncle, Thomas. The census record for Jackson, MI contains my grandaunt, M. Frances - Aunt Frank.

My grandfather, Fred, and his family are shown living at 54 Greig Street in Rochester. Greig Street is still there but the block where the Maloneys lived is no longer there. I believe that the streets in the neighborhood were realigned when the Clarissa Street Bridge was replaced by the Ford Street Bridge. The Maloneys are found at line 93 and it includes my grandfather, Frederick; my grandmother, Bridget (listed as Josephine, her middle name); my mother, Mary, four years old; my Uncle Joe, three years old; my Aunt Helen, fourteen months old; my Uncle Leo, three months old; and my grandmother's sister, Mary, who married my grandfather when my grandmother died. Note that it states that Mary came to this country in 1890. 
Fred Maloney Family in 1910 Federal Census in Rochester 
Michael J. Maloney, my great-grandfather's brother, and his wife, Margaret, are found at line 30, living at 81 Marshall Street.  That Marshall St. address is now Damian's Pub.  Note that Michael's entry says that he immigrated to this country in 1870 although entries for the Maloney in the Rochester City Direstory start as early as 1856. Keep in mind that we do not know who provided the information to the census taker.
Michael J. Maloney in 1910 Federal Census in Rochester, NY
The third Maloney in Rochester is my great-grandfather's brother, Thomas, listed on line 56 and living at 119 Frank Street.  Frank Street no longer exists in Rochester. It was located in the area of the current Kodak Offices. Note that Thomas is listed as immigrating in 1865 and above we noted that his brother, Michael, is listed as immigrating in 1875. In addition to Thomas's wife Catherine, is a nephew (probably related to Catherine) William Morgan and Catherine's sister, Lillian.
Thomas Maloney in 1910 Federal Census in Rochester, NY
The final Maloney in 1910 is my grandfather's sister, Margaret Frances - known as Aunt Frank. She is found at line 20 and is listed as a "lodger" with the family of John Hogan at 106 Elizabeth St. West in Jackson, MI.
M. Frances Maloney in 1910 Federal Census in Jackson, MI

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