Friday, October 07, 2011

Eagans in the 1880 Federal Census

In the Federal Census for 1880 my great-grandfather Patrick was found in Rochester, NY and my grandfather Stephen was found in New Haven, CT. The family in Rochester consisted of my great-grandparents, Patrick and Mary, and my grandaunt, Sarah. Since the 1870 census, Catherine Jane was married to John King and both James and Mary Anne had died. Note that the Eagan family was living on Atkinson St. (the house is still there) although the Rochester City Directory lists their home as on Prospect St. I suspect that Prospect St. location was still Patrick's grocery store. The Eagans are found on line 28.
Eagan Family in the 1880 Federal Census for Rochester, NY
The Rochester City Directory notes that my grandfather Stephen had moved to New Haven, CT. In the 1880 Federal Census for New Haven Stephen was living at a boarding house run by a woman by the name of Kate Reynolds. Stephen's occupation is listed as Carriage Blacksmith. He worked there at the New Haven Carriage Company. He is listed on line 32 on the census sheet.
Stephen Eagan in the 1880 Federal Census for New Haven, CT

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